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Organizer / Organizer HD
Price: $7.99 / $9.99
Version: 5.1
Category: Productivity
Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Organizer is an iPhone/iPad application that works just like a traditional organizer. You can enter text or events, create diagrams, and draw handwritten text just as you would in a paper organizer. You can also insert photos or maps, manage todo, insert voice memos, etc. It is the perfect tool to manage your daily schedule, to-do lists, notes or diary.

Truly unique.
The most distinctive feature of Organizer is its flexibility in meeting the individual needs of its user. Traditional schedulers or TO-DO management software applications have rigid parameters in terms of how the software handles your tasks. In these cases, users are restricted to managing their data as dictated by the software.

In contrast, we have designed Organizer to act like a sheet of paper, allowing the software to adapt to the individual manner of its user. Anything you can write down on a sheet of paper, you can write down in Organizer. Organizer suits the needs and preferences of any user.

Data Sync
You can sync data between devices running Organizer or Organizer HD in both directions. "Events" and "Tasks" must be synced separately using online calendars (such as iCloud calendar, Google Calendar, etc) and Google Tasks. Find out more about the data sync feature.

You can also use this feature to backup the data automatically. The data can be restored at any time on any device.

Calendar App Support
Organizer can sync events in "Calendar" app on your iPhone or iPod touch. Find out more about Calendar App integration here.

Reminders App Support
Organizer can sync reminders in "Reminders" app on your iPhone or iPod touch. Find out more about Reminder App integration here.